ICT Solutions for Industry

MS Axapta

Sectorial adaptation by Industries:

Car rent

MS Navision

Vertical solution Security Sector:
Capabilities: Quadrants Management, Payrolls’ integration, Installations Management, Maintenances and technical Service. Logistic management.


Vertical solution Sports Federations:
Capabilities: CSD’ Budget administration, Justifies, order of payment, Report to the CSD (High Bank Centre).


Vertical Solution Projects Advanced Management: Open GO!: 
Capabilities: Budgets management, forecast, executed, certified and deals. Project in progress, work arts, itemization, planning, purchasing management.



Solutions address to repair sector for specialized companies in assemblies, repairs, engineering, which want to preserve the maintenance and the breakdowns of the facilities, and companies of special services.

Special offers management for Singular Facilities.
Facilities control.
Assessments / Facilities proceeding invoicing.



Solution development adapted to production and confection textile sector which cover the total management for the cycle of life of the product (design, sale, production, distribution) under unique platform.
Financial and analytical area
Integral management of the cycle of life of the product
Production processes
Stock Control Processes
Internal/External Supply
Supply Processes
Sales Processes / Confection invoicing.


@Cons. Solution: 
Address to construction sector, companies that develop promotion activities, construction, civil work, property management and / or rendering services related.

Financial and analytical area.
Technical area.
Promotion area.
Construction / production area (work management)
Purchases and machinery management area.
Sales area.



Developed for canning factories which made products destined for the human nourishment such fish or fruits; as well as the tinned presentation and the different  variants existing that would manage the cycle of life of the product (sale, production and distribution) under unique platform.

Financial and analytical area.
Production processes.
Stock Control Processes.
Supplies: Internal/External
Supply Processes.
Sales processes for/Sales invoicing/Finished Products invoicing.
Quality management Processes



Open - Ubica:
Identifying management, storage and picking by radio frequency terminals and bars codes. Treatment of stores with chaotic locations, routes, preparation order, etc.

Autosales and presales management: 

Management of routes of sight or distribution, assessors' assignment, load of vans, distribution of products, delivery note or invoice of delivery, management of hanging collections, autoliquidation, commissions, etc … with links to application portable terminals.

PDA, s orders management: 

Development for management sales orders (introduction of orders or material delivery) and cashing management by PDA, s terminals.


Analysis management and I+D: 
Solution that allows control the protocols and characteristics to analyzing already be standard or specifics for client, with emission of certificates of analysis, etc …

Auctions management:
Solutions that covers the auction management (works of art, antiques, coins, bills, …) appraisements, treatment of bids, transferors, buyers, invoicing … With exits to files with countable notes generated in every moment.


SAT, Cards Management System
It is a software platform which provides global coverage of business functionalities and support for specific operational circuit of electronic payment systems from a multidsciplinary: debit, credit, band, EMV, cobranded, private consumption loans, automobile, mortgage,...

Potential ability to create business applications via parameterization, architecture of business services universal and reusable, integrated with other information systems of the infrastructure, via middleware business, or through its architecture and Web services. Address to financial institutions and large retailers.


SIA, Multichannel integrated authorization system
It is the platform which manages all operations related to devices , authorizations (TPVs, ATMs, hubs,...) as well as exchange networks connection (Servired, 4B, Red 6000, Visa, Master, Amex,...)

Its provides switching services an liaison with the centre resolution primary and stand-in mechanisms to ensure a critical operational 7x24. Characterized by high scalability guarantees operation of critical switching of any financial institutions or retail with high transactional volume.


SFC, Business rules specialized in the field of customer loyalty
A platform for creating and managing customer loyalty programs, such as card programs or any other sector of business.

It enables centralized management on the central figure of the customer, quantifies centrally across the turnover contributed through it to the entity, setting the levels of rewards Parameterized.

Adapts to any existing data charged parametrically and their use may be for multiple other business not directly connected with the loyalty (benefits to commercial network, rules for sending SHIP,...)


Business partner: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, CTS, Olivetti, Public Computing, Motorola, Digital Persona, Zebra